I'm still here, I've just have been really inconsistent with posting!

I'm still around!

If you only follow me via this blog, you would be right in thinking that I have fallen off the grid! Although sometimes falling off the grid sounds like a wonderful idea I haven't gone to that extent!  The truth is between working hard on various bits and pieces in the community, going away and looking after myself, writing blogs consistently has been well down on the list of things to do.  It takes a fair bit of time for me to write, process a few pictures, review what I have written and edit, then upload and unfortunately I have had trouble finding this time in the last few months.  Although I haven't been blogging regularly I have been developing other areas of AntnzVentures. Along with the FaceBook page from which all this started; we now have a YouTube channel where I am posting more regularly with trip logs, when I remember to I also post on Instagram and I have started a (mostly) weekly Twitch stream which at the moment is on a Monday 7.30pm NZST. W…

Road Trip Feb 2018 Part 3

Road Trip Feb 2018 Part 3
It's taken awhile, editing a slide-show with voice over is a lot harder than editing video, as you see me state in the video I was a bad vlogger and took lots of pics but no video! A full blog that goes alongside this video will be added shortly.

Part 4 shouldn't be too far away! Transcript below video.


Hey everyone, it’s like 10 o’clock and we’ve packed up from the campground and just shot down to a flush toilet, and we’re headed out of Pu… where are we??.... Pureora park, Pureora Forest Park today, we’re headed up to some accommodation in Te Awamutu for the next couple of nights.  So part 2 is just about done and I will check in later. Remember Thrive, not survive.
25sec: Intro scene

34 sec: Map
40 sec, Antnz on camera

Hey guys, we’re in Te Awamutu for a couple of nights. Back from Pureora Forest. Amazing spot, absolutely fantastic but obviously no data, no reception; nothing. We had a good couple of days out there, and tomorrow we’ve …

First post in awhile

It's been a pretty busy few months!
This is my first post for a couple of months. I've been busy, and then really sick with that flu that has been going around and then really busy again.

I put together a bit of a video of spur of the moment footage I took at the Mana Whaikaha Expo and Information day. (I will transcribe as soon as I get a chance!) The footage nor the editing is flash but I wanted to show people what we are up to.
Find the video here:

Transcription below: Mana Whaikaha Information Day Transcript
Title sequence Antnz (on camera): Hey everybody Antnz here, it is Monday the 17th of September, and on Saturday we had the Mana Whaikaha information and expo day.That was arranged by the whanau and disabled people’s reps on the Regional Leadership group. What it was; was an opportunity for people to get some information about the prototype before it launched.Launch day is only a couple of weeks away now…. Um... please excuse the shaky camera…

Yes, I've been a "bad" blogger

A bit of an update
Yes I have been quite the last couple of months.  It's been hectic, I've been tired and had a few health things surface that I have needed to deal with as well. All this led to me having to step away from the keyboard for a few weeks. So strap in for a brief overview of the last couple of months. I guess at times you just have to survive so you can go on to thrive again, so I've just been taking the steps to get back to thriving lately.

In April I traveled for the National Enabling Good Lives in Hamilton, in the last few months Ben and I have flown quite a bit but this was the first time I have had a flight cancelled. I usually travel the night before the meeting but on this occasion, due to the cancellation of my flights I was a coupe of hours late to this meeting.

While in Hamilton I took the time to catch up with Ingrid, who I had met on the Networking Working Group for the system transformation and have a meal. I had a pretty good sleep and then the …

Part Two of the February trip

We've been on a learning curve
Part 2 February 2018 Trip
This blog and video has taken a wee bit longer to get out than we anticipated, we've got a new laptop and a new video editing program so we've been on a bit of a learning curve in how the new program works.

This is "Part Two February 2018 Trip" and you can find the video at:
Transcript can be found below the blog.

On Wednesday 14th of February we left the Western side of Lake Taupo to head to Pureora Forest Park, we were just on the tail-end of some bad weather and we'd had Cyclone Fehi and Cyclone Gita was due to hit NZ about the 20th of February so although the weather on the Wednesday wasn't that flash we saw a small window of good weather before Gita was going to hit and decided to just go for it. People thought we were slightly bonkers for wanting to head out to camp while it was still raining, but we had the gear and were confident that we would have a few good days…