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Pre Aug 1st Disabled Persons Meeting.

Just a quick note to let those in the Mid Central region that there is going to be a Disabled Person's meeting on Tues the 25th July from 10 am till 12 noon at the Easie Living center on Main St. Just a bit of a get together to discuss the upcoming Enabling Good Lives forum on August 1st. This should give some clear direction as to what the community wants to see in their Leadership Group before heading in to the EGL forum.Be good to see you there!

Exciting Paraclimbing Announcement!

Paraclimbing will be at Climbing NZ Lead Championships - Auckland 2017  Paraclimbing will be held at the Climbing NZ, National Lead Climbing Champs - Auckland on the 19th and 20th of August to be held at Extreme Edge, Glen Eden.  This event will be run as a demonstration event (in name only, this is definitely going to be competitive!) for a couple of years in order to iron out the kinks and get more people involved before ticking all the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) boxes for a fully sanctioned, categories based competition. Although a demonstration event, this will be run in competition format of 2 Qualifying rounds on Saturday the 19th of August and a Final Round on Sunday the 20th of August. I'm helping with coordinating this in conjunction with Climbing NZ and Diane Drayton to ensure that we have appropriate routes set for those participating. Although this is being held during "Lead" Nationals, in compliance with IFSC rules all Paraclimbing eve…

Wow, what a week!

It's been a full on week!

Life is always interesting and more so when you tend to speak up for yourself and those you identify with and this week I've learnt that it a big way. Sometimes, even though it feels sometimes you're talking to yourself, people are in fact listening.
On Monday I received word that after years of asking Climbing NZ will host some paraclimbing at the Lead Championships in Auckland on the 19th and 20th of August. Woo hoo! Then I realise that is only a few weeks away, my heart sank as I realised that I would be incredibly hard pressed to save enough to actually get to the event.
I put a quick post on Facebook about how exciting it was to have this opportunity, but I was disappointed that I may not be able to attend. This was shortly followed by some messages from one of my followers that would be prepared to sponsor me to attend the event. I am still absolutely blown away and hugely grateful that someone would do this for me.

Over the week we've b…