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Another busy week!

Life is certainly not boring!
My last blog was specifically written about what was on my mind after a challenge was issued by some in the disability community, that we need more people to step up and take some initiative in speaking our own stories. I will get back to this later in this post but I just want to let you know how the rest of my week went.
On Monday morning I was planning on having a pretty quiet day. I woke up drank coffee, had breakfast and took ADNZ Ben for a walk. Logged onto Facebook after I had walked ADNZ Ben to just have a look around in some of the groups I am part of. Opened the Te Araroa group to find a post from a mother who had received a SPOT "help" email from her daughter that had only been posted a few minutes before I had logged on.

For those that do not know what a SPOT is, it is a satellite tracking system. It has several buttons on it; a "SOS/911" button that if SHTF and is pressed sends a signal to the GEOS International Emergency R…

Time to change gears a little!

It's time to step up and create change!
So a lot has happened since my last post. This post is just going to cover one topic, and I'll write more during the week about what else I have been up to!

We've had the elections and although we're still waiting for the special votes to come in and our government to actually be formed, it's not secret I was unhappy with the initial result. Yes I'm a "lefty", I believe that as a community we need to look after each other and it's pretty evident the government we've had for the last 9  years has not been doing that. You just need to look at the poverty, mental health stats, kids under supported in schools and facing exclusion, violent crime stats, the housing crisis and the state of environment to see this. I felt let down that the National Party got so many votes and that most New Zealanders would rather settle for the status quo than get behind change.
In saying that I know we're a democracy and th…

General update.

I haven't posted a lot since the climbing competition. Once we got home and got ADNZ Ben sorted out, I crashed and have been having a few health issues.ADNZ Ben is back to his normal goofy self after taking some time off to recover. He really did give us one hell of a scare this time. While ADNZ Ben has been on "medical leave" I've learnt a couple of things. He makes living out in the community so much easier with just simple things like dropping my keys, sticks etc and getting out of chairs etc. I also found myself being way, way early for things. I'm usually pretty prompt at turning up on time but without having to get ADNZ Ben's stuff organised and not being stopped by random strangers about the dog I had time to spare! He's back on the job now and I'm having to factor those times in again. I want to say a huge thank you to Cahills Animal Hospital for the excellent care of ADNZ Ben at what was an incredibly stressful time.5th of September saw the f…

Paraclimbing trip: Part III

Competition Day 2! Finals Day!

Sunday the 20th, Finals day, it didn't start quite as expected...
ADNZ Ben starting whining at about 2.30am. He NEEDED out please, the poor guy had diarrhea. At least he was giving us some notice so we didn't get a huge bill for having to clean the motel room. My partner and I then took turns during the rest of the morning until it was time to head to the comp. Needless to say but I didn't get a huge amount of sleep. Our best guess is that he'd snuffled up some climbers chalk, he'd done that once when I was running VertX, he had diarrhea for a couple of days and came right. Our plan for the day was to leave him in the car (ventilated and with water) with my partner checking on him very regularly to toilet him and make sure he was getting enough water.
I thought I was nervous on the Saturday, well I was more nervous for finals, which is to be somewhat expected. Finals is definitely another level up from Qualification rounds. In finals t…

Paraclimbing Trip: Part II

Competition Day 1!
Qualification Rounds
I woke on Saturday 19th of August somewhat nervous. I knew I would be a little nervous, after telling myself for the days leading up to the competition "it's ok, you're just going to go have fun, climb, enjoy it and promote paraclimbing" but my mind had other ideas. I've always been "sporty" and competitive and that part of my brain kicked in and the mental game was on.
My first qualification round wasn't until the afternoon so I tried my best to "relax" at the motel until my impatience got too much and we made our way to Extreme Edge, Glen Eden. As we drove the motorway towards the gym I was a strange mix of excited, nervous, stoked and terrified I was going to fall low and people would be watching, which just makes me nervous to start with.
As we got closer to the gym the nerves and excitement continued to build. I had to continually remind myself that it's just climbing and I love climbing, but br…