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Trip Album: Alice Nash Memorial Heritage Lodge

Alice Nash Memorial Heritage Lodge: Ruahine Forest Park 14 & 15 December 2017
I've been travelling so much lately for the Enabling Good Lives work that I was well overdue for an outdoors trip. Needed some time out but also didn't want to push myself "too" much, so I headed for Alice Nash Memorial Heritage Lodge in the Ruahine Forest Park. A great trip out by myself.

I did a vlog this week

Vlog instead of Blog
This week I got adventurous and did a vlog instead of a blog. I forget how much work they are! I barely got my "weekly" post up!
Full transcription below video! It can also be found at:

Main Vlog: Hey everyone…. Um… and Welcome to AntnzVentures; this week I thought I’d do a quick vlog instead of instead of ah doing an actual blog, um, mainly seeing as I said I’d do some and I haven’t really got to it yet…
It’s been a full on week. Totally full on, um, I do have some notes, so if I’m looking away that’s why, I’m just checking what I’m saying. Um, ‘cos I’ve got so much to get through, it’s been crazy! Ah, yeah. Um, If there is some odd pauses, in this video it’s because, um, I’m hoping to insert some other pictures and a quick video I took with Rose this morning, so bear with me ‘cos I’m still learning and editing it is going to be fun today!
Anyway… um… this week… wow… started off with the Disability Matters Conf…