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How did I end up here??

Once again I was busy last week!
Last week was jam packed full! One of the busiest weeks I have had in awhile.
On Monday the 12th March we ended up needing to take ADNZ Ben to the vet, he'd been limping a little at the end of the week before and through the weekend. Turns out it was a suspected sprain or sublaxation of one of his toes. At that point he was prescribed anti-inflammatory meds and "crate rest" for a week, with a reassessment on Monday the 19th of March. This was a concern for me as I was flying to Wellington on Wednesday morning, returning on Thursday and I haven't traveled without ADNZ Ben in the 5 years that I have had him. ADNZ Ben being off duty and my hand still recovering from "minor surgery" the week before meant I would be rolling for this trip rather than using my crutches.

Later that day I had a joint interview with Michael Pulman with Roger Marsden from Plains FM 96.9 in Canterbury, a community radio station. Roger hosts a show calle…

Never a dull moment.

Been another interesting week
On Friday the 3rd of March I went and checked out the Show Your Ability expo. It was really good to see the advances in technology and equipment available and if I had the money I'd  invest in one of the handcrank mountain bikes. I did a bit of filming and when we edited it together I discovered that the sound quality was a bit crap, so I have since ordered an external mic for my phone for future recording. I've also learnt to slow down when I pan around an area etc.  We still edited together what we had, I transcribed the audio and posted it here: on Sunday evening.
On Tuesday I was scheduled to have a mole removed from my hand and then a Disabled People's Core Group meeting.
I was pretty anxious about the "minor" surgery, I have a high tolerance to local anesthetic and in the past some doctors have not listened when I've told them this. I also don't like nee…

Feb 2018 Road Trip Video:Part One

First of the Feb 2018 Road Trip Videos

The first part of the Road Trip videos covers the trip from Palmerston North to the Western side of Lake Taupo can be found here:
Transcription as follows:

Scene one: Megan Trainer song in back ground.
9 sec Antnz: singing to background music.
26 sec Antnz: oh really??? Laughs
Travel map.
Shot of packed car.
Stormy point pan & pics
Driving past Vinegar Hill (Six60 playing in car)
Shot of turning onto State Highway One
Driving past Mangaweka Viaduct (Six60 playing in car, Antnz singing in background) 2minutes 18 sec Antnz: Hey guys, um, we’re just headed out of Taihape. I did the first leg of driving. Really looking forward to this trip away. Um, MJ is there pulling funny faces as usual. Um, Ben’s curled up in the back. Looking forward to this trip ‘cos we’re getting away, taking some time out, um, and I’ve got some trips kinda in the plans for while we are away, um, talk to you soon.
Shot of Desert Road

Show Your Ability 2018

Equipment to Thrive
Yesterday I went down to the Show Your Ability Expo held in the Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North. One of the biggest disability expos in New Zealand definitely had equipment there for people to thrive rather than just survive!

The video for this event can be found here: Please turn up the sound so you can hear everything, we haven't figured out how to equalize it yet!

A big shout out to David Guest from Show Your Ability and Brendon Stratton from RGK NZ & Lasher Sports for the interviews.

The MTB can be trialed by arrangement in the North Island, and in South Island from time to time. For more information email Scott at

A huge thank you to MJ for the super fast editing of this! Thrive not survive people! Antnz
Transcription of the video below:

Panning around: 11 sec, Antnz (off camera): And this is just the first exhibit guys! It’s gonna be a busy day!
Wobbly Walker Wanders Introduction Page