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First post in awhile

It's been a pretty busy few months!
This is my first post for a couple of months. I've been busy, and then really sick with that flu that has been going around and then really busy again.

I put together a bit of a video of spur of the moment footage I took at the Mana Whaikaha Expo and Information day. (I will transcribe as soon as I get a chance!) The footage nor the editing is flash but I wanted to show people what we are up to.
Find the video here:

Transcription below: Mana Whaikaha Information Day Transcript
Title sequence Antnz (on camera): Hey everybody Antnz here, it is Monday the 17th of September, and on Saturday we had the Mana Whaikaha information and expo day.That was arranged by the whanau and disabled people’s reps on the Regional Leadership group. What it was; was an opportunity for people to get some information about the prototype before it launched.Launch day is only a couple of weeks away now…. Um... please excuse the shaky camera…