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I'm still here, I've just have been really inconsistent with posting!

I'm still around!

If you only follow me via this blog, you would be right in thinking that I have fallen off the grid! Although sometimes falling off the grid sounds like a wonderful idea I haven't gone to that extent!  The truth is between working hard on various bits and pieces in the community, going away and looking after myself, writing blogs consistently has been well down on the list of things to do.  It takes a fair bit of time for me to write, process a few pictures, review what I have written and edit, then upload and unfortunately I have had trouble finding this time in the last few months.  Although I haven't been blogging regularly I have been developing other areas of AntnzVentures. Along with the FaceBook page from which all this started; we now have a YouTube channel where I am posting more regularly with trip logs, when I remember to I also post on Instagram and I have started a (mostly) weekly Twitch stream which at the moment is on a Monday 7.30pm NZST. W…