I’d thought I’d start the blog with a Throwback Thursday. A reasonably recent throwback to February this year; this will be a trip I will always remember as a highlight. You will find a full trip report on the “Trip Reports” page and you will find the pictures on the “Pictures” (you may have to scroll down a little as I’ve uploaded other trip albums as well).

In the South Western Ruahine Forest Park sits Randiwahia Hut. My first “solo” in 12 years; I use quote marks as I was accompanied by ADNZ Ben. I’ve been hesitant to go by myself due to the turtle effect if I fall with my pack on. With ADNZ Ben around I know that, although it’s a bit of a process I know that I can right myself with his assistance. We tested the system a couple of times on this trip which ironically were on flat parts of the track after a climb.
I’m glad a took a rest day between walking in and walking out to soak in the peace, the quite and spectacular views. Hearing a kiwi on Friday night was definitely a highlight.
Part of my trips from here on out is to give myself extra time to enjoy the journey along the way rather than focusing purely on the “objective” of a trip. The number of photos taken this trip is a indicator of my “taking the time to take it in”, and I’m glad I took the time as the pictures only capture a small part of those snapshots in time.
I’m looking forward to getting this blog up and going sharing my adventures. I’m a bit technologically challenged at times so please bear with me as I get this page up and running properly.

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