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Climbed so hard, my hands were shaking!
With the Paraclimbing event looming, I’ve managed to get into VertX a couple of times to try and get some (even if only a little) wall time in while also trying to do my maintenance exercises, keeping ADNZ Ben exercised, general living and getting involved in the Enabling Good Lives System Transformation.

With just under 2 weeks to before I head off for the Paraclimbing event, I wanted to be training more than I am currently but my body doesn’t always want to co-operate. I’ve been mainly focused on being tramping (hiking for those non-New Zealanders reading) this year so I don’t have quite the finger strength that I used to have.  I’m headed to the event to have fun and promote the development of the sport; so I’m going to get the time of the walls that I can, and just see how I go this year but I will develop a proper training plan next year to be at the top of my climbing game and actually get some tops! If you want to come and hang out at the event or want more information about the event or adaptive climbing in general please feel free to get in touch! I am looking forward to this event and it’s exciting to get the opportunity to start really rocking with adaptive climbing in New Zealand.
Please feel free to email me for the links and more information
As some of you are aware I have been attending the Enabling Good Lives Forums for the System Transformation roll out at MidCentral, and on Tuesday I was selected to be on the Regional Leadership Group that will be working with Ministry of Health in the MidCentral region to design and implement this transformation. The Government has committed to the Principles of Enabling Good Lives of Self-determination, Beginning Early, Person-centered, Ordinary life outcomes, Mainstream first, Mana enhancing, Easy to use and Relationship building. These principles will be used as the underlying basis for the design and implementation of this transformation.
It is no secret that I am skeptical of how this process is going to work and if the outcomes at ground level will actually meet the needs of those in our community with additional needs better than the current system.  This skepticism comes from the governments history of “transforming systems” (across many sectors) into systems that are harder to use and negatively impact on people trying to navigate and use these systems.  I know there are many people who are frustrated at the current system, and they have every right to be as trying to access appropriate support can be a nightmare.
This process is going to take time, and its going to take hard work to make this new system the best we can. I will be putting my time and effort into this transformation and working hard toward positive change, despite my skepticism. Hopefully when implemented the system will help a lot of people live Good Lives, rather than just surviving the system.  I’ve heard it said that this is an ego-driven process by just a few people; I am confident in saying that none of the Co-Design team, nor those at Regional Leadership Group level are in this for their egos but to drive positive change for the benefit of the community. I’m involved because I want to see a better system and I thought that instead of just complaining about how the “government screws over the disabled community” (my summation of years of discussions with people), I’d get involved and try to improve things.
In the recent Cabinet Paper I can see a notable difference in language to being more focused on choice and control for those that need additional support, there is also a high emphasis on social investment during this transformation.  Change is hard, its uncomfortable and it takes time, and the biggest change needed are social change, which takes even more time. I ask that people are patient with this process as a huge change in thinking (from many) is needed to make this transformation as successful as we can.t
Walking together in support of each other
I really encourage people to get involved at the regional ground level, by attending forums and engaging with the process as it is rolled out. I ask that we make this journey together as a community united in a common goal and support each other to make this journey. I fully acknowledge that we are a diverse community and we are not all going to agree with each other all the time, but please allow space for respectful discussions on moving forward to make this system the best we can. Time will tell if we’re successful.
This blog represents my thoughts and opinions on the process at this point in time and is not representative of anyone else’s thoughts or opinions.
Nga mihi

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