First of the Feb 2018 Road Trip Videos
The first part of the Road Trip videos covers the trip from Palmerston North to the Western side of Lake Taupo can be found here:

Transcription as follows:


Scene one:
Megan Trainer song in back ground.
9 sec Antnz: singing to background music.
26 sec Antnz: oh really??? Laughs
Travel map.
Shot of packed car.
Stormy point pan & pics
Driving past Vinegar Hill (Six60 playing in car)
Shot of turning onto State Highway One
Driving past Mangaweka Viaduct (Six60 playing in car, Antnz singing in background)
2minutes 18 sec Antnz: Hey guys, um, we’re just headed out of Taihape. I did the first leg of driving. Really looking forward to this trip away. Um, MJ is there pulling funny faces as usual. Um, Ben’s curled up in the back. Looking forward to this trip ‘cos we’re getting away, taking some time out, um, and I’ve got some trips kinda in the plans for while we are away, um, talk to you soon.
Shot of Desert Road
3minutes 9 sec Antnz: (Testio playing in background) Just getting to the end of the Desert Road, um, been a few road works and its really clagged in weather wise. Um, southbound traffic had been pretty full on, and there has been the occasional idiot, like the Range Rover that’s riding out butt right now. Um, but yeah, it’s been a cool road trip so far and I’ll check in a bit.
Shot driving past Rangipo (Tietso playing in background)
Shot driving into Pukawa Bay (P!nk playing in background)
4minutes 23 secs Antnz(off camera, shot of bush off deck, then slide show of pictures)
Hey everybody, so that was the first part of the trip, Palmerston North up to the western side of Lake Taupo. I didn’t take a lot of footage in between the traveling parts of the trip because we were relaxing. We watched the bellbirds and the tui come into the nector feeder and at one stage a keruru came in. I think that’s when Kaha decided he wanted to get in on the action too. Heaps of birdlife up there at the moment and we watched the fantails, the wax-eyes, the grey warblers and the tuis darting around the deck and you could definitely hear the keruru. We general sat back and relaxed, binge watched some TV and read a few books. Not a lot really else to say about this part of the trip, but I really want to thank all my supporters and sponsors because without you, I wouldn’t be doing what I do. Don’t forget to hit that notification bell and um, see what the rest of the trip has to offer.  If you haven’t already found me over on AntnzVentures on Instagram and Facebook check me out and for even more content head over to the website at the end of this video and in the description, where you’ll find my blog and heaps more pictures. Take care everybody and remember Thrive, not survive!
Craig Potton quote.


I hope you enjoy, take care and thrive not survive!

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