“Providing opportunities to realise the potential in ourselves and others.”

Antnz Ventures started as an opportunity for friends and members of Toni’s wider community to share the adventures from her hiking trips and connect with the energy and spirit of adventure that she has.

Sure, tracking the journeys and reliving the moments through digital content is all part of it, but much more than that the goal for Antnz Ventures is to help people all around the world redefine what is possible and achieve lives beyond their imagination.

5 core values drive the Antnz Ventures business.


Adversity is no stranger to Antnz Ventures, but more than that what makes us strong is our ability to find strength and positivity in every person. To us every person has value, and has a meaningful contribution to make.

Hard work

At Antnz Venutures we understand the value of hard work and preparation. Like all adventures the reward is persevering through all the perceived challenges and still coming out with a positive and memorable outcome. We don’t do things by halves, we strive to out-do our previous achievements over and over again.


There is no goal impossible at Antnz Ventures. Believing there are no limitations to what we can achieve and being solutions-focused ensures we are creative and are quick with ideas. There is no challenge or opportunity we will not face.


Antnz Ventures is committed to achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Once we commit to working with you, no matter the challenge we will be honest, open minded and you can rely on us to be there.


Teamwork makes Antnz Ventures successful and effective; communication is a key part of that success. Communities also give real meaning to our business in many respects. We’re constantly exploring the most effective ways to reach people with messages that connect, in ways that matter.

Our tagline, ​“thrive not survive”​​ drives our content, the public appearances and the advocacy that makes up our value-add stable.

Toni “Antnz” Burgess founder of Antnz Ventures is an adventurer, advocate and self-proclaimed “reluctant motivator”. By “providing opportunities to realise potential in ourselves
and others” she helps people to accept, adapt and overcome obstacles by turning perceived limitations, risk and barriers into assets and resilience.

Antnz has many strings to her bow, including expertise in adaptive outdoor recreation and sports, working with youth, risk management and analysis, and fearlessly pursues her love of the outdoors despite what others believe to be limitations. Antnz is an avid rock climber and tramper, utilising her skills and abilities to show others that if you follow your passions that you can truly achieve your dreams.

Believing that everyone has untapped potential within following their passions, we know that Outdoor Recreation can be a key opportunity for people to realise this. No matter your ability or skills we here at Antnz Ventures enjoy supporting people challenge themselves.

We want you to come along on our next adventure. Digital networking is important to us, we blog & vlog our adventures. Antnz Ventures is a public speaker and could speak at your event, and we also could facilitate your next meeting. There is perceived limitations for outdoor recreation or the ‘risk’ of a activity able to be achieved. Antnz Ventures could support and consult to ensure adaptive recreation and the correct risk management is used, so it is possible for you to achieving the unthinkable. Antnz Ventures is planning on holding adventures with us, such as tramps or overnight trips. Team building originated from adventures, we would like to hear your idea Kane maybe we could design, organise or consult for you.

We are not afraid of hard work; we could adapt and work with you. Antnz Ventures will speak or facilitate at your event. Our strong values and our experience means we are flexible. If you need support for your next team day or team building event, please contact us. If you have any questions contact us. If you believe you company aligns with Antnz Ventures, could we find the opportunity to work together? We are thankful to our supporters of Antnz Ventures they have added value and the opportunity is real. Antnz Ventures looks forward to hearing from you or seeing you on the live stream.