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Mid Central System Transformation Hui

On Wednesday I attended the Mid Central System Transformation hui. This hui was held as an opportunity for disabled people/people with disability/people with impairments/etc (use your preferred terminology/label) to have our input into "transforming" the way Disability Support Services are delivered and accessed.I went into this hui somewhat skeptical; as someone with lived experience of disability, "System Transformation" in my head translated to "we're going to tinker with an already broken system and make it even more difficult to access". I was feeling like this was just another attempt by government to gain buy-in from a disadvantaged sector of society during an election year. I'd heard about the "co-design" process where people (or whanau) with impairments/disabilities/limitations (again use your preferred terminology/label) had input into the design of the new systems; being my cynical self I was wondering if this was another toke…