You may have noticed some changes!

If you have been following closely to this page you may have noticed some changes recently. Although I have been incredibly busy with Enabling Good Lives, a lot of things have still been on the go behind the scenes.

One of the things that has been going on is a bit of an update, refresh and upgrade of this page. The bulk of the “foundation” work is now done but some additional bits and pieces will be continue to be quietly updated over the next few months. We’ll be tweaking a few things, adding more photos and I will be trying to write a little more regularly now that I have a more “Antnz friendly” interface to be working with.

Annette Hansen standing to the left of a paused image of a NZSL video about Deaf Communications
Annette Hansen at EGL Levin Deaf Forum

If you are reading this then my first attempt to post something from the new interface was successful!

The last version of the site I had a 12 year old set it up for me, after several people said “you should get a website going” after following me over on the FaceBook page. Not having a lot of “coding” or tech knowledge I just kind of went with what I got. I was grateful to have a page going and I was enjoying being able to share and document my journeys and photos. I however find the interface somewhat “clunky”, hard to use and somewhat limiting in what I could do and how I could present both my words and pictures. Since the initial website was set up we have also added, Instagram, YouTube and more recently the Twitch channel; so I’m also looking to use this site as a bit of a place to tie all of these together as well.

Close up of shells ad sea weed on light colored sand of Anaura Bay.
Taking in the small things at Anaura Bay

Among everything else I have been doing I have also been trying to more about this “craft” that I have found myself in. The “need” for a new camera and wanting to understand a lot of the “jargon” has had me learning more about composition, exposure and some of the more technical aspects to content creation; instead of a “pull out a camera and hope for the best” approach. I have learnt a heap and now I find myself thinking about “would MJ (thank you for all the time you put into editing) actually want some footage of this for B roll”, doing things like telling myself to “slow down” for my pan shots and wondering “I hope I am leaving enough room for the captions at the bottom”. When I started buying a few bits pieces of equipment (lens kit for phone, tripod, microphone etc) over the last year or so I have bought slightly “cheaper” or borrowed what I gear (Thanks for the ongoing use of your camera Dad) I can so I can see if I like or dislike something and now that it is at the point that some of that gear needs upgrading. I will be looking at things that we can “grow into” as we continue to develop our video, photographic and editing skills. Please be patient with us as we work towards making this site better over the next few months!

3 caps stacked. 2 bottom caps are black and green facing forward showing the AntnzVentures logo. Top purple caps shows the back with #ThriveNotSurvive
AntnzVentures caps.

We’ve also been exploring the possibilities of caps, badges, stickers and so forth. If you have any ideas let us know! If there are any topics you would like to see me write about, make a video of or take lots of photos of, again, please let us know!

Have a fantastic week people. Remember #ThriveNotSurvive

Where does the time go??

Where did the last two years go??

The Facebook “Memories” function is both a blessing and a curse sometimes.  It can be a curse by reminding us of sometimes painful moments, but the flip side of that is that “Memories” can also be a way remembering the good times and pivotal moments of your life as well.

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I’m still here, I’ve just have been really inconsistent with posting!

I’m still around!

If you only follow me via this blog, you would be right in thinking that I have fallen off the grid! Although sometimes falling off the grid sounds like a wonderful idea I haven’t gone to that extent!  The truth is between working hard on various bits and pieces in the community, going away and looking after myself, writing blogs consistently has been well down on the list of things to do. 

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First post in awhile

It’s been a pretty busy few months!

This is my first post for a couple of months. I’ve been busy, and then really sick with that flu that has been going around and then really busy again.

I put together a bit of a video of spur of the moment footage I took at the Mana Whaikaha Expo and Information day. (I will transcribe as soon as I get a chance!) The footage nor the editing is flash but I wanted to show people what we are up to.

Find the video here:

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Part Two of the February trip

We’ve been on a learning curve
Part 2 February 2018 Trip

This blog and video has taken a wee bit longer to get out than we anticipated, we’ve got a new laptop and a new video editing program so we’ve been on a bit of a learning curve in how the new program works.

This is “Part Two February 2018 Trip” and you can find the video at:
Transcript can be found below the blog.
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How did I end up here??

Once again I was busy last week!
Last week was jam packed full! One of the busiest weeks I have had in awhile.

On Monday the 12th March we ended up needing to take ADNZ Ben to the vet, he’d been limping a little at the end of the week before and through the weekend. Turns out it was a suspected sprain or sublaxation of one of his toes. At that point he was prescribed anti-inflammatory meds and “crate rest” for a week, with a reassessment on Monday the 19th of March. This was a concern for me as I was flying to Wellington on Wednesday morning, returning on Thursday and I haven’t traveled without ADNZ Ben in the 5 years that I have had him. ADNZ Ben being off duty and my hand still recovering from “minor surgery” the week before meant I would be rolling for this trip rather than using my crutches.
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Show Your Ability 2018

Equipment to Thrive
Yesterday I went down to the Show Your Ability Expo held in the Central Energy Trust Arena, Palmerston North. One of the biggest disability expos in New Zealand definitely had equipment there for people to thrive rather than just survive!

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Trying to get back into my “normal” routines

Rejoining the “rat race”
So I was AWOL last week, and for good reason I say.  The place we were staying has little stable mobile reception; that and I needed a proper break away from the hustle and bustle of constant phone calls, emails, blogs etc etc etc.  In all honesty it was a good break away and the trip we took, although hectic and energy consuming was exactly what I needed.

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We were hoping for a quiet couple of days away

Kumeti, 1 Feb 2018
After having a pretty icky January I was hanging out to get away and have a quiet couple of days away in the bush. I’d found a reasonably close (1 hr drive) DOC (Dept of Conservation) campground. It was a nice campsite, but alas the trip didn’t quiet go as planned as you will see in the Trip Vlog.

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