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Another busy start to the week.

No rest for the wicked?
This week I had the second of the Safeguarding Work Stream meetings for Enabling Good Lives. I'm still trying to get used to urban travel. We travel down to Wellington on a Monday afternoon for the meetings held on Tuesdays. It appears that heading to Wellington once a week (most weeks) will be likely for the next couple of months for this type of work as I am participating in the Network Building Work Stream as well.

ADNZ Ben travels pretty well, and he seemed more settled this week compared to last week, probably because he is more familiar with the area. One of the harder things about urban travel is finding a place for ADNZ Ben to relieve himself. Finding a lamppost or a bush for him to pee on isn't usually too much of an issue and we have been fortunate that the Ministry of Health has put me in accommodation with a patch of grass only a minutes walk down the street. I'm not sure how much sleep he's been getting on these overnight trips as t…

Time to take stock

It's go, go, rest.
I'll be honest, I haven't been as productive as could have been this week. I'm not hugely upset by that, sometimes I would be but this week I'm just not too bothered.
Monday saw me head to Wellington for the first of my Work Stream meetings for the "Safeguarding" within Enabling Good Lives on Tuesday. I realised that I'm really not used to "urban" travel when I only had to pack one change of clothes and toiletries. I'm so used to having pack literally everything I'd need, it feels very odd to have only one small bag and ADNZ Ben's bags.
On Monday I checked into the hotel, assuming that my request for an accessible room had been made correctly. Had a brief "No, he's not a guide dog but covered by the same set of laws" with the person checking us in then proceeded to the room that we had been allocated. Got to the room and thought "Wow, if this is an accessible room I'd hate to be a full ti…

So this week was pretty full on!

This week was busy so strap in, there's a lot to talk about! I'm going to do a quick wrap up then get into things a little more.

So my week went something like this....
Monday: Interview with Mike Pulman for his Livestream:

Full livestream can be found here:
Tuesday: Interview with Jade Farrar, then Disabled Person's Core Group meeting.

Wednesday: Regional Leadership Group meeting for Enabling Good Lives System Transformation

Thursday: Catch up on housework, rest, then this happened...

Friday went mainly to plan as "rest day", just with a whirlwind of emails and phone calls at times.
And today (Saturday) here I am writing. I'm trying to get it done as I've got another busy few days coming up!
On Monday I was interviewed my Mike Pulman for his liveshow on Monday night. The interview went well and we covered a huge range of topics. We talked Assistance Dogs, paraclimbing, edu…


Quick Video Update:
A quick update, trying to keep it simple. All links required should be in the YouTube description. There is a transcript, if its not let there or the links don't work me know and I'll try something new, this is very much a learning curve for me! 

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