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I've kept pretty quiet this week

I took a bit of time out this week.
I've had a reasonably quiet week this week, apart from a trip to Wellington for the 2nd "Networking" Working Group meeting on Wednesday for the system transformation. For me the travel went relatively smoothly with AirNZ, apart from being entered into the system as a visually impaired person with a golden retriever. I know I wrote "Black Labrador" on the form, I have the original! This just further demonstrated that there is a big disconnect between "Special Assistance" and the ground crew.

The Networking meeting went well. I spoke a little about whakawhanaungatanga before we got into the "think tank" type work, I wanted to ensure that intentional, caring relationship building was central to our thinking within this work. In this meeting our smaller groups started tackling the "how" of building intentional safe relationships around people in some defined contexts. Some good ideas were captured an…

It's been a bit of an interesting week!

Hold on for the ride because this is a long one!
I spent Monday and most of Tuesday doing housework and prepping to head to Wellington on Tuesday afternoon for the first of the "Networking" meeting for the System Transformation on Wednesday.

This was the point that my week ramped up, I'm travelling to and from Wellington with AirNZ instead of driving for this working group. This was to be my first flight with AirNZ since I got ADNZ Ben; when the paper work from "Special Assistance", it stated that I had to have the paperwork to them 48hrs prior to flying. The problem with that was, it was less than 12 hrs when I got the paperwork. Luckily AirNZ got my paperwork through quickly and they rang a few hours later to let me know that ADNZ Ben was approved to fly. I confirmed that as long as I give the booking agent the pre-approval code I shouldn't have to fill out all the forms again. "Surely things should now go smoothly" I thought.
For this set of me…

Enabling Good Lives Regional meetings

Progress is happening.
We shot home Tuesday morning from Lake Taupo as I had the Disabled Person's Core Group meeting to attend. Not only that but I also had the opportunity to meet Valeria, who I send a Search & Rescue team after in the Far North a few weeks ago. Although I got the "Lost Party has been located safe and well" response from SAR it was good to see her and give her a hug. It was also good to hear her side of the story of what had unfolded that day. It was a pleasure to meet her and get to know Valeria a little.

After meeting with Valeria I headed for the November Disabled Person's Core Group meeting in preparation for the Regional Leadership Group for Enabling Good Lives. It was heartening to see this group starting to grow and providing feedback for the system transformation.
Unfortunately the feedback was not all that positive. In our October meeting we had encouraged people to get involved in Working Groups and Virtual Testing groups that were be…

I love seeing people bitten by the climbing bug.

It was time to hit the walls.

I haven't done a lot of climbing since the Paraclimbing competition at the end of August so it was well and truly time to hit a wall. With the Enabling Good Lives work I'm involved in it could be easy to lose sight of what really drives me; climbing. On Saturday I was invited by Waikato Climbing Club and Parafed Waikato to help out with an adaptive climbing session hosted at Extreme Edge & Climbzone Hamilton. Thank you to David from Parafed Waikato, Sylvia from Extreme Edge Hamilton, Doug and and the club members from the Waikato Climbing Club that came along to haul ropes.
We had 6 people with a range of impairments/disabilities/(whatever terminology you prefer) came to challenge themselves. It was awesome to see them give it their all and achieve. The look of satisfaction and joy on people's faces are they topped out on their first climbs was awesome and to see them progress to harder climbs then talking about coming back to climb more oft…

I had to stop for a few days

I took a few days out.
It's been almost 2 weeks since my last blog, I had a bit of a health blip and needed to stop and actually rest for a few days.
This week started with the 4th meeting of the Safeguarding Working Group. Being part of this group has been really intense. I came onto the group to ensure that the disability community wasn't "over safeguarded", due to wanting to protect people from harm considering perceived risks. I totally agree, acknowledge and understand the need to protect people and particularly those in a "vulnerable person's" (Crimes Act definition of Vulnerable person) position, but I had concerns that in order to protect people, regulation and/or policy would be restricting others choice to participate in "risky" activities. "Risk" is different for everyone and each persons individual circumstances must be considered.

There have been some really robust discussions and there will be more to come. Although we …