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Assumptions about New Zealand Rivers.

Putting on my Outdoor Instruction Hat...
One of my long term goals is to "section" walk Te Araroa, New Zealand's "thru-hike" that runs the length of New Zealand, from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Te Araroa take walker through some of New Zealand's most spectacular landscapes and I will probably be not be attempting this in one go, and some parts I will be doing supported. Te Araroa is drawing more and more international visitors every year, it is newly developed as far as "thru-hikes" go and at this time it sometimes feels like there are more tourists on the trail than New Zealanders.
For more information on Te Araroa:
I've been hanging out in the Te Araroa Facebook Groups for awhile to gather intel so when i head out to walk sections I have plenty of information on track conditions, how difficult that section is and be as prepared as I can going into each section.
A common discussion across the Te Araroa groups is on the riv…

An interesting end to last week

An interesting end to the week last week...
I've been keeping a pretty low profile this week as I'm still getting my health sorted out.

I did however have an appointment on Friday to meet with our electorate MP, Iain Lees-Galloway to have a bit of a chat about tertiary level education for students with impairments. I was supporting a friend as she met with his PA last week to address an issue my friend was having, I got a little cheeky and asked for some time with Iain.

I had been thinking about the System Transformation and had serious concerns; if we were wanting to get people to follow their aspirations, some people will want further training; one of our major tertiary providers has no disability or inclusive practice policy. I had pointed this out when I studied there in 2016, I was assured it would be developed and that they would appreciate me feeding into this process. Well I haven't heard from them and a look at their "Policy and Procedure" section on th…

Hello 2018!

Happy New Year!
First blog of the year, it's going to be a bit of a wrap up of 2017 and some thoughts looking towards 2018. I'll try and keep it brief but there's a lot I did during 2017!

During 2016 as I was finishing my Certificate in Exercise and Sports Performance we did a trail "run" as part of our course. I walked the 7km course as my classmates did the 1/2 marathon. After the race I was talking with them and was asked "Antnz did you see those veiws?".... It suddenly hit me that I hadn't, I'd been watching my feet the whole time so I wouldn't ass over, so I could meet my goals of 7km in under 1 hr 30 min and to try and keep to around 60 steps a minute. Sure I met those goals but I'd missed all the views. I got to wondering how many views I'd missed in the last few years because I'd been so focused on reaching "goals".

With that in mind I started 2017 with 2 things in mind. I was aiming for "one adventure a mon…