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Trying to get back into my "normal" routines

Rejoining the "rat race"
So I was AWOL last week, and for good reason I say.  The place we were staying has little stable mobile reception; that and I needed a proper break away from the hustle and bustle of constant phone calls, emails, blogs etc etc etc.  In all honesty it was a good break away and the trip we took, although hectic and energy consuming was exactly what I needed.

This blog is going to be a brief summary of the trip we took, and in the following weeks there will be a more detailed series of blogs and vlogs of what we did. There is 16GB of pictures of footage and pictures to sift through; so writing, processing pictures and editing the video is going to take some time.  I had bought a lens kit for my phone so I played around a little with the lenses, we had my fathers camera as well so i guess we went a little "camera" happy. This is good because I have a lot of content to use, but the down side of this is there is a LOT of content to go though! The…

I'm supposed to be "taking a break" but I thought I'd check in.

A bit of a quick check in with a Vlog

I'm taking a bit of a "break" and taking some time out, however I thought I'd do a quick Vlog and let you know where things are at!
I'm being kept to a pretty strict "one hour every two days" work time so I actually take a bit of a break and rest so, I'll update when I can!
A transcript of the Vlog can be found in the YouTube description. 
Vlog link:
Take care, thrive not survive and remember life is an AntnzVenture!

We were hoping for a quiet couple of days away

Kumeti, 1 Feb 2018

After having a pretty icky January I was hanging out to get away and have a quiet couple of days away in the bush. I'd found a reasonably close (1 hr drive) DOC (Dept of Conservation) campground. It was a nice campsite, but alas the trip didn't quiet go as planned as you will see in the Trip Vlog.
We also discovered that the video camera on my phone makes an annoying "buzz" every few seconds. This is the first of what will be many trip Vlogs, so the editing isn't the best it could be, but Windows Media Maker isn't the slickest production program!
There is a full transriction of the video in the description on YouTube.
Find the vlog here: