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Part Two of the February trip

We've been on a learning curve
Part 2 February 2018 Trip
This blog and video has taken a wee bit longer to get out than we anticipated, we've got a new laptop and a new video editing program so we've been on a bit of a learning curve in how the new program works.

This is "Part Two February 2018 Trip" and you can find the video at:
Transcript can be found below the blog.

On Wednesday 14th of February we left the Western side of Lake Taupo to head to Pureora Forest Park, we were just on the tail-end of some bad weather and we'd had Cyclone Fehi and Cyclone Gita was due to hit NZ about the 20th of February so although the weather on the Wednesday wasn't that flash we saw a small window of good weather before Gita was going to hit and decided to just go for it. People thought we were slightly bonkers for wanting to head out to camp while it was still raining, but we had the gear and were confident that we would have a few good days…