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Yes, I've been a "bad" blogger

A bit of an update
Yes I have been quite the last couple of months.  It's been hectic, I've been tired and had a few health things surface that I have needed to deal with as well. All this led to me having to step away from the keyboard for a few weeks. So strap in for a brief overview of the last couple of months. I guess at times you just have to survive so you can go on to thrive again, so I've just been taking the steps to get back to thriving lately.

In April I traveled for the National Enabling Good Lives in Hamilton, in the last few months Ben and I have flown quite a bit but this was the first time I have had a flight cancelled. I usually travel the night before the meeting but on this occasion, due to the cancellation of my flights I was a coupe of hours late to this meeting.

While in Hamilton I took the time to catch up with Ingrid, who I had met on the Networking Working Group for the system transformation and have a meal. I had a pretty good sleep and then the …