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Road Trip Feb 2018 Part 3

Road Trip Feb 2018 Part 3
It's taken awhile, editing a slide-show with voice over is a lot harder than editing video, as you see me state in the video I was a bad vlogger and took lots of pics but no video! A full blog that goes alongside this video will be added shortly.

Part 4 shouldn't be too far away! Transcript below video.


Hey everyone, it’s like 10 o’clock and we’ve packed up from the campground and just shot down to a flush toilet, and we’re headed out of Pu… where are we??.... Pureora park, Pureora Forest Park today, we’re headed up to some accommodation in Te Awamutu for the next couple of nights.  So part 2 is just about done and I will check in later. Remember Thrive, not survive.
25sec: Intro scene

34 sec: Map
40 sec, Antnz on camera

Hey guys, we’re in Te Awamutu for a couple of nights. Back from Pureora Forest. Amazing spot, absolutely fantastic but obviously no data, no reception; nothing. We had a good couple of days out there, and tomorrow we’ve …