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Out for a walk. Level 4, Covid19 Alert

I’ve finally dragged out the GoPro and been taking some footage here and there. This was us getting out on a “government approved exercise” walk on the 23rd April. Assistance Dogs NZ Raven is still getting used to this route and where the barking dogs live. I needed to get my editing groove on again, …

Antnz on April 25, 2020

WOW in the last couple of months the world went a bit wonky!

It seems like yesterday I was writing a tribute to Assistance Dogs NZ (ADNZ) Ben, then next thing I know; the world is looking a whole lot different! ADNZ Raven is here and our entire country is in a state of emergency on “Level 4 Covid 19 Alert”; which is essentially “only leave your house …

Antnz on April 18, 2020

Life is a Series of Chapters; A tribute to Assistance Dogs NZ Ben

Its time for one chapter to close, and another to open. If you have met me over the last 6 or 7 years you will have also met my sidekick, Assistance Dogs NZ Trust (ADNZ) Ben. ADNZ Ben has been with me through many ups and many downs over the years, but the reality is …

Antnz on March 16, 2020

January started quietly then ramped up!

It’s been an intense couple of weeks that’s for sure! So after taking it easy for a few months it’s time for me to start putting my toes back in the waters of Enabling Good Lives and being more active again in taking control of what I can control and try to let go of …

Antnz on February 1, 2020

We made a little history!

Wow what a weekend!

On the 19th and 20th of August the Climbing NZ National Lead Championships was held at Extreme Edge, Glen Eden. This year was the first time that Para/Adaptive climbers participated in an offical Climbing NZ event.

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Quick Update

Yep, as usual I’m busy!

On Saturday I spent the day raising money for Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust outside Pak ‘N’ Save, Palmerston North. I had a great but tiring day talking to people about the role ADNZ Ben plays in my life and how some of the other amazing dogs are changing lives for New Zealand families. Once again I am humbled by the generosity of Palmy Nth.

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Asssitance Dogs New Zealand Trust Annual Appeal

Its that time of year again, where those of us with Assistance Dogs NZ Trust Dogs get out and raise some funds to help other New Zealanders have better lives with the help of these amazing dogs.

If you can spend a few hours tomorrow or Saturday please get in touch with Wendy at the above numbers, we’d love to hear from you. Some of the sites around the country may not run because we don’t have enough people to help out. It takes a huge amount of time and money to get these dogs ready and out to families and we can’t do it without your help!

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Yep, I’ve been hectic!

The start of new developments!


Climbed so hard, my hands were shaking!
With the Paraclimbing event looming, I’ve managed to get into VertX a couple of times to try and get some (even if only a little) wall time in while also trying to do my maintenance exercises, keeping ADNZ Ben exercised, general living and getting involved in the Enabling Good Lives System Transformation.

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Pre Aug 1st Disabled Persons Meeting.

Just a quick note to let those in the Mid Central region that there is going to be a Disabled Person’s meeting on Tues the 25th July from 10 am till 12 noon at the Easie Living center on Main St. Just a bit of a get together to discuss the upcoming Enabling Good Lives forum on August 1st. This should give some clear direction as to what the community wants to see in their Leadership Group before heading in to the EGL forum.

Be good to see you there!

Wow, what a week!

It’s been a full on week!
Life is always interesting and more so when you tend to speak up for yourself and those you identify with and this week I’ve learnt that it a big way. Sometimes, even though it feels sometimes you’re talking to yourself, people are in fact listening.

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Throwback Thursday

Back in early (10 – 12) March I got out to Donnelleys’ Flats, Tararua Forest Park with Outdoor Training NZ, Manawatu Branch.  I was helping out with teaching on a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award outdoor training. Below is my trip report.

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A Successful trip out.


I’ve been trying to write this blog for over a week. I’ve started a couple of times and just couldn’t form the words on the page. I’ve found this a hard trip report to write as although I got home safely not accomplishing “Plan A” has been bugging me; it’s that “goal achiever” part of me raring it’s head.
So here goes…

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Mid Central System Transformation Hui

On Wednesday I attended the Mid Central System Transformation hui. This hui was held as an opportunity for disabled people/people with disability/people with impairments/etc (use your preferred terminology/label) to have our input into “transforming” the way Disability Support Services are delivered and accessed.

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