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Climbing NZ Lead National Champs 2017; Q2 Paraclimbing Video, Antnz

This was my Second Qualification round at the Climbing NZ Lead Climbing Championships. This is the qualifier I fell off. From watching this I think I rushed slightly, didn't double check my foot placement and when I went to load up my left leg my foot rolled off the hold.

Please bare with me, I didn't get the rest and recovery I expected to after the competition, so I will be posting pics and my thoughts over the next few days!


We made a little history!

Wow what a weekend!On the 19th and 20th of August the Climbing NZ National Lead Championships was held at Extreme Edge, Glen Eden. This year was the first time that Para/Adaptive climbers participated in an offical Climbing NZ event.3 of us showed up to hit the walls. Diane Drayton from Wellington, Rachel Carter from Whanganui and myself.  It just so happened that we are all of similar functional ability so we put in our all and it was a really competitive competition.During the Qualifying rounds Diane topped both climbs while Rachel and I topped one each so we were equal on points heading into the final. We hit the final on Sunday and I want to congratulate Diane on a smooth top out for Gold! Rachel and I got to the same hold which gave the decision  for 2nd and 3rd to the judges.After quite a wait for results to be posted and I just squeezed into second by "positive movement" to the next hold. Rachel, you are awesome and it definatley  was a close competition!I had an amaz…

Quick Update

Yep, as usual I'm busy!On Saturday I spent the day raising money for Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust outside Pak 'N' Save, Palmerston North. I had a great but tiring day talking to people about the role ADNZ Ben plays in my life and how some of the other amazing dogs are changing lives for New Zealand families. Once again I am humbled by the generosity of Palmy Nth.The last couple of days I've been getting ready to head to Auckland for the Climbing NZ Paraclimbing competition on Saturday and Sunday. As I packed the nerves started slightly, when I started climbing in 2003 climbing competitively was never even a thought, I just wanted to climb stuff, yet here I am. It's awesome to see another sport being more inclusive and it's awesome to be a part of.Taking tomorrow as a bit of a break near Lake Taupo before the hit the madness of Auckland on Friday. Will update as much as I can!

Asssitance Dogs New Zealand Trust Annual Appeal

Its that time of year again, where those of us with Assistance Dogs NZ Trust Dogs get out and raise some funds to help other New Zealanders have better lives with the help of these amazing dogs.

If you can spend a few hours tomorrow or Saturday please get in touch with Wendy at the above numbers, we'd love to hear from you. Some of the sites around the country may not run because we don't have enough people to help out. It takes a huge amount of time and money to get these dogs ready and out to families and we can't do it without your help!

That being said if you are in Palmerston North and can spend a couple of hours down at Pak N Save with me, please get in touch! Come and see us on Saturday anyway!!  If helping out isn't your cup of tea, please consider donating a few dollars on the ADNZ Givealittle page (just click this link), every little bit helps!

My life simply would not be the same without ADNZ Ben, I would never have achieved my trip up to Rangiwahia Hut in …

Yep, I've been hectic!

The start of new developments!

With the Paraclimbing event looming, I've managed to get into VertX a couple of times to try and get some (even if only a little) wall time in while also trying to do my maintenance exercises, keeping ADNZ Ben exercised, general living and getting involved in the Enabling Good Lives System Transformation.
With just under 2 weeks to before I head off for the Paraclimbing event, I wanted to be training more than I am currently but my body doesn't always want to co-operate. I've been mainly focused on being tramping (hiking for those non-New Zealanders reading) this year so I don't have quite the finger strength that I used to have.  I'm headed to the event to have fun and promote the development of the sport; so I'm going to get the time of the walls that I can, and just see how I go this year but I will develop a proper training plan next year to be at the top of my climbing game and actually get some tops! If you want to come and …