Paraclimbing will be at Climbing NZ Lead Championships – Auckland 2017 

Paraclimbing will be held at the Climbing NZ, National Lead Climbing Champs – Auckland on the 19th and 20th of August to be held at Extreme Edge, Glen Eden.  This event will be run as a demonstration event (in name only, this is definitely going to be competitive!) for a couple of years in order to iron out the kinks and get more people involved before ticking all the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) boxes for a fully sanctioned, categories based competition. Although a demonstration event, this will be run in competition format of 2 Qualifying rounds on Saturday the 19th of August and a Final Round on Sunday the 20th of August. I’m helping with coordinating this in conjunction with Climbing NZ and Diane Drayton to ensure that we have appropriate routes set for those participating. Although this is being held during “Lead” Nationals, in compliance with IFSC rules all Paraclimbing events will be top-roped appropriately. Climbers must be registered with a local climbing club and have a license prior to registration for the event itself.

Please note that the hyperlinks will not work in the jpg above, Climbing NZ 2017 National Lead Championships information can be found here:

A huge shout out to Climbing NZ for being more inclusive and making this happen! Thanks to Diane Drayton and David Saunders for their work. I also want to share a big thank you to Bonnie Denis from the US of A whose pic from the US Adaptive Champs 2017 we have used in the poster. As always we want to thank the sponsors of the event; North Face, Rab and the Pelorus Trust for their continued support of Climbing NZ. For additional information feel free to contact me! ( Please share freely around your networks.

Rock on!

On a more personal note; I want to thank my supporters and followers! Without your support I wouldn’t be able to attend the event and get out and make life an AntnzVenture!

Toni “Antnz” Burgess

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