It’s been a full on few weeks!
Climbing NZ, Paraclimbing trip (I)
Well it’s certainly been a busy few weeks, and things didn’t go quite to plan; but it has certainly been a bit of an adventure! I’m having to take it a little easy so thanks for being patient on waiting on my blog and pictures, I am getting there, its just taking longer than I would like!

I have broken my Climbing NZ Paraclimbing Competition weekend into a series of blogs. This is Part I: Getting to Auckland.

On the 12th of August we were at Pak N Save for the day, raising funds and rattling buckets for Assistance Dogs NZ Trust. It was great to get out and spread a little education, see some regular faces and raise some funds for the organisation that has opened doors to more adventure for me.  As much as I enjoy these days I do find them exhausting. Thanks to the Palmerston North community for once again stepping up and opening their pockets to help these dogs open doors for other New Zealand families.

I spent the next few days getting organised for our trip away. The plan was, head to the Western side of Lake Taupo on the 16th, have a rest day then continued onto Auckland on the 18th. I was to compete in Climbing NZs first paraclimbing/adaptive competition 19th and 20th, head back to Lake Taupo, spend a few days there relaxing and taking some time out.

Overall the plan came together, it was honestly an amazing time apart from ADNZ Ben becoming unwell. He is recovering well and overall he is back to his normal goofball self. We did however not get any time at Lake Taupo to really just rest and relax after the competition.

As we went through the Desert Rd on the 16th my thoughts went out to the 100+ Search and Rescue personnel out in really rough terrain, wet, freezing weather looking for a couple of guys who were running from the cops, ditched the car the stole and ran off into the bush. Although my heart goes out to the whanau, I found myself frustrated that dozens of people were putting their own well being on the line to look for a couple of idiots who refuse to take the consequences and responsibilities of their actions. Thank you to all those involved in Search and Rescue who go out in all weather to try and ensure people make it home in many different scenarios.


100+ people out in that
I wouldn’t want to be out there!


Mt Ruapehu hiding under the cloud

We managed to have a relaxing day on Thursday the 17th, I did get ADNZ Ben down to the lake for a bit of a wander along the beach but the weather made it easy to have a “laze around the house day”.


Warm and dry thanks to Further Faster!

Friday the 18th saw us head to Auckland for the first Paraclimbing competition in New Zealand, held by Climbing N at Extreme Edge, Glen Eden. Swapping out driving now and again we made good time. For some reason I find Auckland oppressive and claustrophobic, I’m not sure why, but I find it unsettling to be in a place where all you can see is buildings and roads.  Tired from travel it was nice to settle into the motel before looking for something to eat. The easy but somewhat disappointing option was a Subway within walking distance.

Although I’ve coached, studied Sports Psych and have a good understanding of competition climbing, I’ve never had the chance of compete since I started climbing, I found myself quite nervous and it’s wasn’t easy to get to sleep.

I’ll be posting the next the blog of the competition soon so keep your eyes out for Part II!

I want to thank everyone for their support in getting to this competition, it was truly a life moment to remember and we made a little NZ Climbing history. In particular thanks to VertX Climbing,, Hawkes Bay Vapour; Palmerston North for their ongoing and continued support. A huge shout to those that donated anonymously to help get me to Auckland for the competition!

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